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Radisson Hotel Group has signed a major hotel management contract as it prepares to enter the New Zealand market. It will build four new hotels with 777 keys, including three Grand Chancellor hotels. Accor announced today that a 160-room hotel will be built in the centre of the city's Cathedral Square.

The hotel's contemporary architectural design is in line with Accor's award-winning Novotel New Zealand and will be located in the heart of Christ Church, the city's central business district, on the site of a former train station, a short walk from Cathedral Square. Jean-Pierre Duchamp, CEO of Accors New York, said: "We are very excited about the development of this new hotel in Christchurch and the future of Accori's hotel business.

The Novotel Christchurch Airport will complement existing Accori airport hotels in Auckland, Wellington, Auckland International Airport and Wellington Airport. The first major investment in New Zealand is also planned, in the form of a new hotel to be built in 2005 in both Auckland and Melbourne, as well as in Wellington.

The new hotel will complement Accoris already impressive portfolio of hotels in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States. Backpacker hostels operated under the names Sofitel, Novotel and Mercure Ibis, as well as a hostel in Auckland, a hotel in Melbourne and a backpacker hostel.

For New Zealand hotels looking for a stay, the Ibis Rotorua offers a fantastic selection of quality accommodation, with the main centre comprising a range of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and restaurants in the city centre, as well as a hostel and guest house. It is one of the most popular destinations for nature lovers - lovers and couples with children - and hosts a significant number of international guests from Australia, Canada, Australia and the United States. For hotel owners and guests in New York City and New Jersey, Ibis Rotorsua, the world's largest hotel chain with over 1,000 rooms and more than 2,500 rooms, offers great flexibility in terms of accommodations for those who want to stay. Ibiis offers New Englanders and visitors to its major centres with a variety of restaurants, pubs, restaurants and hotels in and out of the city, including the famous tourist magnet Waikato.

Base Backpackers has also established the country's largest network of hostels, including Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. This includes a number of hotels and guest houses as well as restaurants, bars, cafés, shops and restaurants.

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The spirit of the location is expressed in an authentic and original way, which is expressed by the spirit and location of the Christ Church New Zealand Hotel in Christchurch and its unique design.

The hotel market in Christchurch and Canterbury has around 1.4 million rooms and reflects the large number of hotels in New Zealand, the second largest country in the world by population with a population of around 5.3 million. Although its charm is huge, it is also small in population and there are only 2.5 million hotel rooms in the United States and only 1 million in Europe. The unique design and blend of learning using a combination of traditional and modern design elements and modern technology, provides guests and staff of the hotel and their guests with a unique experience.

Christ Church New Zealand Accor Hotels, the world's leading hotel operator in Christchurch and Canterbury, is one of the largest hotel operators in the country and the second largest in Europe in terms of population.

New Zealand has it all, just what you need to make the most of it, and Accor is the leading augmented hospitality group offering unique and meaningful experiences in 5,100 hotels in 110 countries. Accors has a strong presence in both the New Zealand and Australian markets and has made a name for itself in the region by continuously expanding its global portfolio of hotels, restaurants, hotels and hospitality services. It has over 4,200 hotels around the world, offering accommodation in some of the most popular business destinations around the world. AccorHotels is also the world's largest hotel and tourism group, with offices in Christchurch and Canterbury. It has provided hotels to over 1,000 business and leisure travellers in New York, London, Paris and Sydney, as well as hotels in New Hampshire, New Jersey, California, Florida, Australia and South Africa. Since its inception in New Orleans in 1999, Acc has operated in more than 100 countries and territories in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America.

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