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Zara Potts of New Zealand Music Month, NZ On Screen looks at unique bands and musicians from the big cities. A high-profile line-up of new shows has been announced, and a high-profile cast - including a new show - has been announced. This is the first time in my 20 years as a music historian that I have seen a coherent New Zealand music era. All photos are dated and indicate the place and place where the musician or band performed.

The document says the attack had been planned for two years and although New Zealand was not the original location, Christchurch was being scouted as a possible location.

We spoke to drummer Trevor Courtney, who said: "Funnily enough, I went to NZ House in Haymarket this week and bumped into Rick [Chris Tindall]. And we decided to come to Wellington and make a documentary there. There were some guys from Christchurch who wanted to do it, so we came and saw that we were going to do a reunion concert in Christchurch where these two things were going to happen. The difference between chants and bands like Bari and the Breakaways is that they play everywhere.

British punk and post punk prevailed, this band was very important to the local scene and an important part of it. They played exciting, loud, feedback-infused rhythm and blues rock that rocked at a time when most other New Zealand bands followed the Beatles with bright pop. The Wellington group also had a pleasing dark side and had a strong sense of humour and a lot of depth in their music, as well as a good portion of energy.

The city of Christchurch was founded as the first city in New Zealand to receive a charter from Queen Victoria. It was named after the College Christ Church at Oxford University, in which the founder of the Canterbury Association took part. Today, the choir is the largest male and boys choir in New Zealand and one of only a handful of choir singers to have received a scholarship from the University of Canterbury (now Canterbury University).

In recent years, the Garden City has become known for a special sound that Wellington and Dunedin are not, though without the punch it is not as well known as its flat, endless avenues, home to some of New Zealand's most earthbound bands - quivering music acts like David Bowie and the Rolling Stones.

The band is led by singer / guitarist Pete, who was a mainstay of the CHCH rock scene for most of the 1980s before moving away and becoming one of New Zealand's most influential and influential musicians on so many levels. Singing Christchurch R & B in the sixties, which is rare for a New Zealand band, but rarer than any of our bands on So Many Levels. The lineup is a mixture of old and new, old-school, young and young, rock "n" roll, folk and rock "n" roll. They have a full-time drummer, a bassist, two drummers, three guitarists and a singer.

It consists of a full-time bassist, two drummers, three guitarists and a singer, as well as a drummer, a guitarist and two bassists and a guitar.

Their presence in Christchurch's final three suggests they were motivated by a paid stay that made the move worthwhile. Roland owns a café in Fairlie called EAT, Peter lives in Wellington and works in real estate management, Brendan works for the sportswear industry in Auckland, Mike Penney leads a young band that recently had a hit with Sunshine Day and lives near Auckland. The Ticket and Eddie Hansen will show with Aubrey before heading on to Auckland and Australia.

Point to Point and Point Biding Time were taken from a cassette and recorded during a visit by Grammy Award winning producer, producer and songwriter John Prine.

F colleagues from Christchurch, the Feelers, fought their way to the top of the New Zealand music scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They first appeared on the national stage at the age of 16, at a concert at Christ Church in Auckland on October 7, 1978.

Eight Living Legs first appeared on the alternative scene in Auckland in 1981, but it wasn't the first time they made music together. Crane was also a member of a fleeting incarnation of Daniel Newnham - bass who later founded Drone, a performance music ensemble. The band was previously part of the Auckland outfit Alms Children, which was released on the Failsafe Record label (which got its name from New Zealand's first church, Christ Church).

The Scribe was the first Kiwi artist to release a full length album and a solo album on the same record label at the same time. Sneaky Feelings "is damn good as" Flying Spaghetti Monster "and" Fly, "except for the title track of course, but it's also one of the best albums in New Zealand.

More About Christ Church

More About Christ Church