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The New Zealand national team nicknamed the All-White has qualified twice for the FIFA World Cup. The New NZ Men's Softball team, called the Black Sox, has also been a huge success, with the sport being one of the country's most popular sports and a major source of income for many of its players.

Hamish Carter of New Zealand won gold in Athens in 2004 and has been world number one for several years. As well as the World Cup, New Zealand has reached the final four times at the Olympics, in 2007, 2016 and the forthcoming fourth place finish at this year's Rio Olympics.

Other successful triathletes from New Zealand include Bevan Docherty, who won the ITU World Championships in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Mauger also won the Speedway World Cup and the Team Cup, raced for Great Britain and won the World Junior Championships in 2014 and 2015, as well as the 2016 London Olympics. New Zealand's international snowboarders include Mitch Brown, who has finished in the top 10 four times at the US World Cup and finished third at this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Other New Zealanders who have competed in the World Cup, Junior World Cup, Olympics and other international events include Ben Smith, Ryan Gossett, Chris Brown, David Browning, Andrew Dickson, Mark Browner and Ryan O'Connor.

The Auckland Tuatara in the Australian Baseball League is currently the only professional baseball team to play in New Zealand. There is also the London New NZ Cricket Club, which is based in London, England, for NewNZers living in the UK or outside the UK. The organisation operates a range of climbing sports such as mountain climbing, mountain biking and cross-country skiing, as well as a variety of other sports.

Deerstalking Club in Auckland, as well as the Auckland Tuatara in the Australian Baseball League and the New Zealand Cricket Club in London.

The national governing body is Athletics New Zealand, which was founded in 1887 as the New Zealand Amateur Athletics Association and took its current name in 1989. It is part of the three regional federations that make up the New NZ Ice Hockey Federation. It was founded in 2003, merged the three agencies into one and became known as Sport and Recreation New York, or SPARC, in February 2012. The national governance of athletics in the United States of America, the second largest sports federation in the world, is a member of athletics in New England and the National Hockey League.

In 2005, the NZIHF organized the New Zealand Ice Hockey League, which currently consists of three regional associations: the Auckland Ice Hockey League, the Wellington Ice Hockey League and the Wellington Ice Skating League. The sport is managed by New NZ Football (who changed its name to move in line with common use around the world). The two main national competitions are the New Zealand Football Championship, played by eight regional teams, and the Chatham Cup, a knockout competition between clubs. It is about participation in the National Premier League (NPL), which was founded in 2006 as the successor to the National Provincial Championship (NPC) and is played in a round-robin format with a maximum of four rounds.

Historically, rugby and netball have dominated team sports in New Zealand, but national teams in other sports have been given names that provide a reference between the two. For example, the men's national football team is called All-White because it plays in all white stripes, and the women's national rugby league team is called Black Sticks (see below). New NZ Badminton temporarily renamed its team to "Black Cocks" and NewNZ Football Team "The All Blacks" after their national team.

Athletics is New Zealand's most successful sport, with 24 medals, including 11 gold medals and 10 gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics. Athletics is the second most popular sport with a total of 16 gold medals (10 of which are gold), behind only rugby.

New Zealand is one of only six nations to take part in the British Empire Games, which were founded in 1930. New Zealand first competed in the 1924 Games, first competed as an independent nation in 1920 and was boycotted at the 1980 Moscow Games. At the 1980 Games, four of his athletes competed under the NZOC flag, but not under the national flag.

Irish contact sport, while we can only guess when the team will be back on the field, the numbers will allow New Zealand to begin the process of normalisation. Only the new New Zealand teams involved in professional sports such as Super Rugby are not yet in operation, but will soon be. Have fun squash, welcome to Squash NZ, Get Fit by play, and welcome back to the British Empire Games in London in 2018!

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